January 6: We Remember and We Act

January 6: We Remember and We Act

January 03, 2022

Map of the U.S. with dots around the country, representing where Vigils for Democracy will be taking place on January 6.

Join a January 6 Vigil for Democracy.
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This week marks one year since the January 6 attack on the Capitol — a naked attempt by violent right-wing militias and Republican officials to overturn a Presidential election.

What we need to do in 2022 is clear: pass urgent legislation to protect our democracy and use every method at our disposal to hold those who sabotage elections accountable.

That’s why Bend the Arc is joining over 100 organizations to support the Vigils for Democracy day of action across the country this Thursday.

View the map to find an event near you on January 6. Events include in-person and online vigils, voter registration, and more.

This January 6, exactly one year later, Americans across race, place, party, and background are uniting to say: In America, the voters decide the outcome of elections.

We know the political strategy of those seeking to subvert our democracy: use every tool at their disposal to make this country only for themselves and people who look like them, as they have for generations. The chilling reports of violence and displays of antisemitism and racism during the attack last year reveal the hate and fear at the core of their movement.1

And we also know our strategy and vision. As Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote in the Washington Post in December, “Essential reforms can be passed only if citizens overwhelmingly demand the change, turn out in large numbers to elect politicians committed to the change, hold those politicians accountable, and stay mobilized.”2

We can shut down the machinery of division by organizing together, across lines of race and religion, to expand civil rights, defend democracy, and protect each other.

Find a January 6 Vigil for Democracy near you.

The story we tell of January 6 and the actions we take are not only core to defining our country right now but to deciding who we will become going forward.

Our future hangs in the balance. Let’s get to work as Jews and allies all across the country to show that multiracial democracy will triumph every single time.

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team


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