Here’s what we’re doing about Jan. 6

Want to remove the members of Congress who incited the January 6th attacks? We do too. Donate $18 today to fund our work to remove white nationalists from office in 2021.


These New York Times headlines from January demonstrate that our work together has changed the course of this country: both the Biden Administration and the public are taking seriously the role of politicians who mainstream white nationalism.

Our work together to ring the alarm bells about politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and Donald Trump has created the environment where it’s possible to investigate, censure, and remove them from office.

After our historic wins in 2020, we still need resources to build on this momentum. Donate $18 to help continue this work in 2021.

Here’s the work your donation will power in the next three months to hold accountable politicians who enabled the January 6th attack and who amplify white nationalism:

Demanding Congress investigate, convict, and expel members who incited violence leading up to the attack.

Continuing to track, research, and publish articles about white nationalism in our government at and in the media.

Building an empowered Jewish movement — Bend the Arc local groups are in 26 cities across 18 states — that organizes for inclusive multiracial democracy where fascism and demagoguery can never again take root.

We need your support to put our plan into action. Donate $18 today to support this critical work in the coming weeks and months.

By helping to elect President Biden, we won the opportunity to repair the damage of the last four years and confront the realities of the last 400 years.

Erasing the Muslim Ban, halting deportations, and strengthening DACA are important first steps, AND we know that our work doesn’t stop here.

We’ll continue to fight alongside our partners to build a country where we’re all truly safe and free, through legislation that protects our communities and marginalizes the white nationalist movement and its enablers.

With gratitude and solidarity,
The Bend the Arc team

PS: Your donation will help us implement our road map for fighting white nationalism and antisemitism, and building a country that’s truly for all of us in 2021 and beyond. Support our work to build a country where we’re all truly safe and free: donate $18 today.