We just delivered our Jewish letter to Biden

We just delivered our Jewish letter to Biden

June 10, 2021


We just delivered our petition and letter from over 50 Jewish organizations representing millions of Jewish Americans to President Biden, demanding urgent action for immigrants in the next recovery bill.

But we have more to do to repair the harm of the Trump Administration and the centuries of racist immigration policy.

Donate $18 today to power this urgent work to build a just and fair immigration system.



JTA just published an exclusive on our letter and petition delivery to the White House — signed by dozens of leading Jewish organizations representing millions of Jewish Americans across the country.1

Together we’ve sent a clear message: American Jews and allies will never stop fighting for a just immigration system until all people can live free from the fear of detention and deportation.

This work is only possible with generous support from donors like you. Your support fuels our work to meet with legislators, mobilize Jews and allies across the country, and run campaigns to make immigration policy more just at the local, state, and national level.

Donate $18 today to help scale up our immigration campaign this summer to win a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and defund ICE & CBP.


Why is this moment crucial?

With the trifecta we fought so hard to win in 2020, we have an opportunity to hold our elected officials accountable to us and our immigrant family.

In the coming months, the White House and Congress will negotiate the next recovery package and the upcoming federal budget. Republicans have made it clear that they are only focused on obstructing our democracy. But with 51 votes in the Senate, we can transform our immigration system through the reconciliation process — as long as we demand President Biden and Democratic leadership act courageously to fight for immigrant justice.

As elected officials are working on a recovery package and the federal budget, we’re working with our partners at the We Are Home Campaign2 and the Defund Hate Campaign3 on two critical immigration goals that you can help power:

👉 Pathway to Citizenship for undocumented immigrants including youth, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, essential workers, and their families

👉 Defund ICE & CBP to block the $23 billion a year spent on raids, cages, and deportations

Our message is clear: We are American Jews for immigrant justice. But we need your help to take our campaign to the next level.

Donate $18 today to fund local and national actions like email and phone campaigns, lobby meetings, and public demonstrations that remind elected officials where the Jewish community stands on immigration — and demand that they take action.

In solidarity,
Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, Washington Director
Bend the Arc: Jewish Action


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