We just flipped NY-03 πŸ’ͺπŸŽ‰

We just flipped NY-03 πŸ’ͺπŸŽ‰

February 14, 2024
Bend the Arc leaders just helped Tom Suozzi defeat his GOP opponent in the special election for NY-03

Not only did Bend the Arc leaders on Long Island help get George Santos expelled from Congress,1 they also just helped flip NY-03. Through phone banking, canvassing, letter-writing, and more, they helped defeat Republican Mazi Pilip and elect Democrat Tom Suozzi.

With this win, Democrats now have more power in the House. But we need your help to take this momentum to the 2024 general election. Can you chip in with $18 today to power our movement’s work to defeat MAGA Republicans this year?

In this election, Republicans used their playbook of fear and division β€” and it failed. Long Islanders showed that they want a better future for ALL of us. And while we are thrilled to be celebrating this win, we know our work is far from over. Now that Suozzi is heading back to Congress, we'll be holding him accountable on the issues we care about. We saw concerning rhetoric about immigration and migrant families during the election that goes against our Jewish values to welcome the immigrant. We supported Suozzi for this win, and now we want to leverage that power to fight for real immigrant justice.

This win shows that our Jewish movement is making a difference in the balance of power in Washington. Rush a gift to help us keep winning in critical races across the country.

In celebration,

The Bend the Arc team

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