We made a Passover resource for you!

We made a Passover resource for you!

March 28, 2023

We are excited to share our Pesach offering with you!

Many of us know the story of our liberation from Mitzrayim — but we may not always think about how it applies to our current work of liberation for all.

That's why we've created this Pesach Maggid resource: to invite you to bring yourself and your community into the story and into the Jewish tradition of making new meanings from Torah’s unchanging text.

During the Pesach seder, we read the Maggid (Exodus story) because it is a mitzvah and a powerful way to remember what led us to this moment. It is how we follow our ancestors while looking toward a new future.

Our story reminds us that we are all connected to the process of liberation. Today we are still in the narrow place, but as an Erev Rav — a diverse group of people fighting for our freedom together. There is a new place that we and future generations can reach, and we know how to get there. As we were followed out of Egypt, we must follow the most marginalized people out of today’s Mitzrayim. We know that leaving anyone behind is not liberation. We know that we will only get free when everyone gets free.

This year, we’re retelling our Pesach story and making invitations: What would it take for you to see the possibility of freedom for all people and courageously enter that possibility with us? Will you join us in imagining what it will feel like when we make it to the other side? What does joy, liberation, and possibility look like for us right now and for future generations?

Pesach reminds us that our safety is bound up together and that it is possible and necessary to create a world where freedom comes to all people. It is a time to renew our commitment to one another and our movement for justice. We hope this Pesach helps you and your community dream of a future rooted in liberation, love, and solidarity. Join us in imagining this future, welcoming its challenges, and supporting our shared vision.

Graie Hagans
Senior Advisor, Bend the Arc

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