VIDEO: Project 2025 & how American Jews can stop fascism

VIDEO: Project 2025 & how American Jews can stop fascism

July 09, 2024

The recent Supreme Court rulings froze our blood: the conservative majority gave presidents absolute immunity, stripped federal agencies of regulatory power, and criminalized unhoused people — just to name a few impacts.

Right-wing extremists are executing a plan to dismantle our democracy, and they have a blueprint they've started hiring and training for: Project 2025 is a detailed 900-page plan for a second Trump presidency, and it’s absolutely frightening.

In our new video, we share more about Project 2025 and the role American Jews have in stopping this right-wing movement.

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Normally when we reach out, we ask you to join us in fighting for a multiracial democracy where everyone can thrive. Today, we’re writing to set off the alarm for our democracy itself.

After the recent SCOTUS rulings, the president of the Heritage Foundation (the creators of Project 2025) said, “We’re in the process of taking this country back … [it’s] the second American Revolution.”

The good news is they’re saying the quiet part out loud. They’re telling us their plans and we can come together to defeat them — by making it clear that a vote in November for Trump is a vote for a fascist future where Jews and our neighbors are in danger.

So when the GOP attempts to weaken our pro-democracy movements by pretending to care about Jewish safety and antisemitism, we know what to do: see through it, call them out, and reject their attempts to divide us.

Watch and share our new video on Project 2025 and the role of American Jews in defeating fascism.