Urgent: Act now for asylum

Urgent: Act now for asylum

January 10, 2024
Hundreds gathered yesterday at a day of action to save asylum

At the end of last year, we took emergency action together and temporarily saved asylum.

Now, a group of MAGA Republicans are trying to harm more immigrants by holding government funding hostage yet again, and we need to act fast.

The proposals on the table go against every part of our Jewish vision for a country with safety for all — including jailing and deporting of immigrants on a massive scale across the country and gutting the asylum system as we know it.

Send an email to your members of Congress and tell them to protect immigrants.

How our government cares for immigrants and spends our tax dollars is our business. We have a duty to protect one another and to make our vision of care, welcome, dignity, and safety real.

Senators are still negotiating, so we still have a chance to win and stop them from ending asylum and rounding up our immigrant family — but we can only win if we all act together.

Use our easy tool to message your Senators to save asylum and protect immigrants NOW.

In solidarity,
The Bend the Arc team

PS: If you live in D.C., we share your frustration that you don’t have a senator to contact, and we’re advocating for D.C. Statehood too.