It’s on us to defend our democracy

It’s on us to defend our democracy

January 13, 2021

In just one week, our movements have won the Senate and impeached the President for a second time. Join Bend the Arc for a national call on Inauguration Day to find out what’s next in the fight for our democracy.

Moments ago, the House of Representatives impeached President Trump for the second time, by a vote of 232-197, for inciting insurrection.

In a just democracy, there must be accountability. Today, the most diverse House in the history of this country voted to impeach not just Donald Trump, but also to send a clear message to the white nationalist movement he emboldened that they are not welcome in the halls of our nation’s capital, or anywhere else.

Bend the Arc leaders and volunteers helped elect the members of Congress who are demanding accountability. You helped defeat Donald Trump in the national election. You helped win a Democratic Senate majority in the Georgia runoffs. Now, we have a plan for repairing the damage done by Trump and his party, and removing from office those who mainstream white nationalism.

You can hear details on our upcoming national call on Inauguration Day. RSVP to join American Jews from across the country to plan for 2021.

Inauguration Day Call with Bend the Arc
Wednesday, January 20th @ 8PM ET/5PM PT


On the call, we’ll celebrate movement victories in Georgia and across the country, ground ourselves in the struggle against white supremacist violence, and organize for what’s coming next.

This moment is painful. Millions of us watched a violent, white supremacist mob attack the Capitol and our democracy — encouraged by President Trump and enabled by some members of Congress themselves. We’re learning day by day how horrific this attack was — and how narrowly we escaped something even worse.

At least three members of Congress — Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, and Andy Biggs — reportedly worked directly with the organizers, while others like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn egged them on. We don’t yet know the full scope of their involvement.

And we’re still learning the extent of the damage. Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Pramila Jayapal, and Brad Schneider have all tested positive for COVID-19 after their Republican colleagues refused to wear masks in their secure room during the attack. Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s chief of staff shared that her office’s panic buttons were torn out before the assault on the Capitol, suggesting further coordination between the attackers, members of Congress, and Capitol Police.

We need answers, accountability, and consequences. The House impeaching President Trump is an important step — but every Republican responsible for fomenting these attacks must be removed or resign.

Join us for a special Inauguration Day call next week to find out how you can plug into our efforts to remove white nationalists from power and build towards a country where all of us are safe and thriving.

When Joe Biden becomes president next week, we’ll need to hit the ground running. We’ll need to demand immediate COVID relief, permanent protections for all immigrants, and comprehensive civil rights legislation like the BREATHE Act. We’ll need to keep the pressure on Republican elected officials who attempted to overturn the election. And we’ll need to keep building power and community in our cities and online.

This moment needs all of us, and it needs you. RSVP for our national call on Wednesday, January 20th at 8PM ET/5PM PT.

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team