Get Your Free Hanukkah 2021 Poster Now

Get Your Free Hanukkah 2021 Poster Now

November 19, 2021
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A fully lit hanukkiah and dreidels next to a poster on the wall that reads \

🕎 A special poster to last all eight nights 🕎
Download Bend the Arc’s 2021 Hanukkah poster here.


At Bend the Arc, we love Hanukkah: lighting the candles, celebrating with family and friends, eating fried food, telling and retelling stories of resistance and resilience.

Next week when we light the menorah, we’re continuing generations of Jewish tradition — and we’re also lighting a path forward for what our communities and our country can look like. Hanukkah is eight nights of celebration and reflection, of history and hope.

In that spirit, we made a special Hanukkah poster for you to display in your window, next to your menorah, or wherever feels right for you.

Download your free Hanukkah poster today.

Poster depicting a hanukkiah with blue candles and yellow flames above the words  This Hanukkah The Menorah is Lit Up Dreidels Land on Gimel Gelt is Made of Chocolate Oil Lasts a Really Long Time And We fight in solidarity for a country free from racism, antisemitism, and white supremacy.


During Hanukkah, we traditionally light our hanukkiot outside or place them in our windows, so that people see who we are and what we are for.

A menorah in the window is an act of solidarity. In 1995, a Jewish family’s home in Billings, Montana was vandalized after a young boy displayed a menorah in his window. A Native family and a nearby Black church were also attacked by white supremacists. In response, the Billings community came together in solidarity, with 10,000 people putting menorahs in their windows and saying “Not In Our Town.”1

A menorah in the window is an act of joy. Our Jewish tradition is built on community and celebration. That’s why we designed this poster: to celebrate our Jewishness, our rituals, and the world we’re building together.

Putting a menorah (or a Hanukkah poster!) in our windows is our way of sharing our joy and solidarity with our neighbors and our communities.

Download your free Hanukkah poster today — and send us a photo of it in your window when Hanukkah begins!

Like our ancestors before us, we’ll keep lighting a candle for justice, liberation, and joy. We’ll keep it shining as a beacon for a country where all of us are truly safe, free, and thriving.

Thank you for keeping the flame of justice alive with us.

The Bend the Arc team

P.S. After you download and print your poster, make sure to send us a photo of it — next to your menorah, in your window, on your table, or wherever you’re displaying it this Hanukkah. Email [email protected] or tag us on Twitter @jewishaction!


1. Not In Our Town, How 10,000 Menorahs Helped A Town Defeat Hate