Love and Solidarity and March 5

I’m so proud of how we’ve been showing up as the Jewish community to fight alongside Dreamers in recent months.

With love and solidarity, Bend the Arc and our dedicated partners have mobilized thousands of phone calls, committed a large-scale civil disobedience in our nation’s capital, and held dozens of actions across the country.

None of this would be possible without the passion of this community and the support of our donors. This is not a moment when we can pull back — but we need more resources to continue this work.

Can you contribute $18 (or whatever you can give) to help us continue to mobilize American Jews to say “Let My People Stay,” including on March 5 when DACA expires and Dreamers lose their protections from deportation?

Jews for Dreamers rally photos

Here are three reasons why Bend the Arc is uniquely positioned to empower the American Jewish community in this critical moment for Dreamers —

1. Our strategy is steeped in solidarity. For years, Bend the Arc has built relationships with immigrant organizers and coalitions so that our work can best support the leadership of those on the frontlines. It’s how a group of nearly 100 immigrant activists came to sing Olam Chesed Yibaneh / We Will Build This World From Love during their civil disobedience at the Capitol this month. And it’s why we’ve been invited in at the ground floor to contribute to the plans for March 5, when the DACA program expires and nearly 800,000 Dreamers will have no permanent protection from deportation.

2. Our leaders and moral minyans are ready. When we launched the Moral Minyan Project to empower progressive Jews across the country, it was the seed of an idea. Now, after a year of this experimental program, we’ve built power in local communities in every corner of the country. Moral Minyans have taken bold action — from rallies at ICE headquarters to shofar blasts at the offices of members of Congress — that shows we are more ready than ever before to contribute and lead in the fight for immigrant justice.

3. This is part of a bigger fight to stem the rising tide of white supremacy in our government. Ultimately, to stop a deportation machine fueled by xenophobia and bigotry that terrorizes immigrant families, we need to elect a Congress that will protect immigrants. Our electoral plan includes mobilizing the Jewish community to make 100,000 voter contacts to make a difference this critical midterm election. We’ve been watching how members of Congress vote, and we’ll hold accountable those who enable Trump’s immoral agenda.

If you’re excited by the combination of powerful solidarity, organizing, and power building, if you’ve been inspired by the national groundswell of Jewish actions for Dreamers, or if you’ve found a new connection to your Jewish values in this political moment, I hope you can contribute to take this work to the next level, where it belongs.

Can you support our urgent work with an $18 donation (or whatever you can give)? Your donation ensures that the Jewish community continues to build a country where young immigrants and their families are safe.

With gratitude,

Stosh Cotler
Chief Executive Officer

PS: Last week, the Senate failed to pass permanent protections for Dreamers. Though we are profoundly frustrated, we can also celebrate that Trump’s anti-immigration wishlist was blocked in the process — a critical rejection of the white supremacy in the White House. Help us keep up the pressure on Congress to protect Dreamers, and reject Trump’s immoral agenda with a donation today.