A new President — and a chance for Senate control

We’re celebrating our wins!
And then we’re getting back to work.

Here are some key updates on our victories and what’s to come 👇

It may only be fitting for a year such as 2020 that control of the Senate will remain unknown until early January and all comes down to the results of two runoff races in Georgia. But today, we’re celebrating.

After four years of hard work across our movement to reach this moment, voters elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the 46th President and Vice President of the United States, and at least 34 of our PAC endorsees won their races (and many are still yet to be called!). Despite undisguised GOP voter suppression, GOP state laws that slowed the count, endless lies, and frivolous lawsuits by Trump and his enablers, Biden and Harris won by more than 4 million votes, and Jewish Americans voted by historic margins to elect leaders who share our values across the country.

We have so much to celebrate, but our work isn’t done. We still have more to do to finish the fight in the Senate. We’ll continue to support PAC endorsee Jon Ossoff in his runoff, and we’re proud to announce our endorsement of Rev. Raphael Warnock in the special election Senate runoff.


Consider what we’ve achieved already this cycle for our endorsees — and for our vision for America:

  • We raised almost a million dollars for the largest and most diverse slate of candidates we’ve ever endorsed, including 40 women and 26 candidates of color.
  • Lucy McBath held her seat in a district once held by Newt Gingrich, showing that progressives can flip and hold districts that were once red.
  • Kathy Manning, an immigration lawyer, took NC-06, one of only three Democratic pick-ups so far in a district that’s been in GOP hands for thirty-five years.
  • And, we flipped two Senate seats — those won by John Hickenlooper in Colorado and Mark Kelly in Arizona

Now, it appears that two runoff elections in Georgia will decide control of the Senate. But whichever way they go, we’ll have — at long last — a team in place that can start cleaning up the social and economic disaster the Trump administration has left behind and continue our work to build a true multiracial democracy in this country.

With or without a Senate majority, holding the Presidency and the House will give us leverage to take action right away to tackle the pandemic, provide economic relief to families who need it most, and begin untangling Trump’s knot of racism and economic injustice.

We’re so glad you’re with us in this fight, and that we reached this moment of celebration together. And, we know we'll continue to work together in the struggle for justice as well — including the ongoing fight for two Senate seats that will continue in the coming weeks and months.