Save the date: High Holiday action for immigrant justice October 3-8

Days of Awe & Action
for Immigrant Families
Oct 3 - 8

The Days of Awe are some of the holiest days of the year.

So why are hundreds of Jews planning to visit their Members of Congress on these days?

Because we remember this past year.

We remember the names of the immigrant children who have died in US custody.

We remember the families kept in cages, without blankets, soap, or water.

We remember the children weeping as their parents were rounded up in raids.

October 3-8, we’re turning remembering into action.



#WeRemember: Days of Awe and Action for Immigrant Families

What: 20+ actions to urge our Members of Congress to Defund Hate
Where: Communities across the country
When: Thursday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 8

Stay tuned for more information coming soon


Here’s a story of how Bend the Arc leaders on Long Island, NY moved their Representative, Tom Suozzi, to champion transformative immigration policies:

“We must also Defund Hate, as my friends at Bend the Arc are advocating”

Rep. Suozzi voted over the summer to funnel more money to immigration enforcement — directly at odds with the demands of the Defund Hate campaign.

But last week, he not only announced his support for the Defund Hate campaign on the House floor1 — he credited Bend the Arc for educating him on the issue.

Rep. Suozzi posted on Facebook about his meeting with Bend the Arc leaders2 and signed on to two important immigration bills — the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, and Temporary Protected Status for Hurricane Dorian victims.

Our approach is working! Local leaders on Long Island went to town halls, met with Rep. Souzzi’s staff, mobilized over 100 calls to his office, and met with the Congressman in person.

When we organize we win. That's why these high holidays we're hosting events across the country to move more Members of Congress to stop attacks on immigrant families. 

Will you join us? Make Defund Hate part of your high holidays. We’ll be launching next week.

Days of Awe & Action
for Immigrant Families
Oct 3 - 8


1: C-SPAN, Rep. Tom Suozzi Speaks on House Floor, 9/11/19 
2: Rep. Tom Souzzi Facebook post, 9/9/19