Trump should resign, not Ilhan Omar

On Tuesday Trump called for Representative Ilhan Omar to resign over her tweets that referenced antisemitic tropes.

We must urgently respond as the Jewish community, or one of our Muslim sisters — and a leader of color — could be in grave danger.

Add your name: Trump should resign, not Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Within 24 hours of tweeting, Representative Ilhan Omar apologized and noted the harm and pain of her word choice on the Jewish community.

She used this moment as an opportunity to immediately learn from and deepen relationships with Jews and allies. In the Jewish tradition, we call this teshuvah, and it’s what a real leader does.

Trump and the GOP have never done that — instead they have doubled down on their white nationalist, antisemitic, Islamophobic, and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that have put all of our communities in danger, including Jews.

Our loved ones at Tree of Life Synagogue died as a direct result of Trump’s white nationalism and the anti-immigrant, antisemitic conspiracy theories he continues to spew.

Our Jewish community calls on Trump to resign, not Rep. Ilhan Omar. Add your name.

Trump doesn’t get to embrace white nationalism and say there are "very fine people on both sides" of a neo-Nazi rally and then turn around and attack a progressive Muslim woman of color leader to further his agenda.

Shame on Trump for trying to distract the country from his immoral campaign to build a wall and detain and deport more of our immigrant loved ones.

The Jewish community will not be fooled. It’s Trump who should resign, not Representative Ilhan Omar.

Thank you for your urgent action to protect Rep. Omar.


PS: We stand with our Muslim allies at MPower Change. And to my fellow black Jews for whom this time is particularly challenging and painful, I see you.