Trump’s “Unified Reich” is a call to action

Trump’s “Unified Reich” is a call to action

May 21, 2024

Yesterday, Trump posted a video featuring headlines about a “Unified Reich”1 — a nod to his dreams of being a dictator and re-creating Hitler’s Germany.

They have excuses and “explanations” for how this happened, but we know the truth. It’s a not-so-subtle dog whistle to Trump’s base, signaling the future they envision: a United States where our multiracial Jewish community, and all other communities targeted by white nationalism, are not safe.

Screenshot from Trump's recently-shared video, with a zoom in on "creation of a unified Reich"

When Trump first ran in 2015, our movement led the charge to warn the nation: we’ve seen this before.2

When he was elected in 2016, our progressive, multiracial, multifaith coalition prevented him from enacting some of his worst policies.

In 2020, we raised the alarm about Trump’s Nazi ads,3 and together we defeated him and his MAGA movement.4

And when he lost his reelection bid in 2020 and attempted a coup, we proudly stood for our democracy. It was clear then, and it’s clear now, that Trump’s insurrection was a dry run — and one he is summoning again by reintroducing Nazi-inspired language.

Trump’s use of “Unified Reich” isn’t just what he intends to build. It's a call to action for Jews and all those targeted by the specter of white nationalism to unify against it. 

Will you rush a gift of $18, $36, or any other amount to power our Jewish fight to defeat Trump in 2024?

We can only do it together.

— The Bend the Arc team

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