What we’re fighting for & how we’ll win

We have the power to build a country where we are all safe and free, and we have a plan to get there — starting with who’s elected in November.

Meet our PAC endorsees


Rosh Hashanah is upon us, and with it, early voting begins in five states.

We know that this election — just 49 days away — is the most important of our lifetimes. The outcome will determine what the future of our democracy looks like. Donald Trump knows that he can only win with fear, division and chaos, and he’s desperate to keep his power. These are scary times and the stakes are high. But we have a plan to win.

Our PAC has endorsed dozens of candidates in competitive races in order to replace those that enable white nationalists — because we know that these future Senators and Representatives can put us on a path to bring about the multiracial democracy we envision by:

  • Taking immediate action to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency and the economic wreckage it’s left behind
  • Addressing the failures of the criminal justice and policing systems
  • Restoring dignity to the immigrant experience in America
  • Protecting the right to vote for all Americans

In this election, we’re fighting for health care. We’re fighting for compassionate and science-driven responses to crises like the pandemic and resulting economic downturn. We’re fighting for a country where no one has to fear being killed by the police or white nationalist vigilantes inspired by the President’s conspiracy theories. We’re fighting for a country where we are all truly safe and free.

Our PAC is working to push leaders who cozy up to white nationalists out of Washington and back into the extreme margins where they belong. By supporting a diverse slate of candidates that champion our progressive values, we are building a future that is truly for all of us. Together, we can restore dignity and security to the lives of immigrants, protect and expand voting rights, and fight systemic racism in this country.

As we welcome in the new year, we are reminded of the power of new beginnings. With our actions, we can decide the outcome of the election, and alter the path we’re currently on.

We are determined and we know that we can win. We need you in this fight. Start right now by learning about the candidates our PAC supports.