You’re part of a beautiful movement: 2017 in review

December 27, 2017

What did it mean be part of the Jewish Resistance in 2017? In the face of attacks on our democracy and our communities we didn’t turn away and we didn’t stay silent. We showed up. You are part of a movement of tens of thousands of American Jews fighting for the soul of our country. After the 2016 election, we mobilized a visionary Jewish opposition by launching the Moral Minyan Project. We’re helping the next generation of Jewish leaders take their place on the front lines. Bend the Arc Supporters are rising up and organizing together everywhere "We have no other option than to act now. History will remember us by the choice we make today." Give to Bend the Arc: Your gift supports tens of thousands of activists and allies who are working in solidarity to fight the Trump agenda, win progressive local victories, and win power in 2018. Thank you for making this movement possible.