365 Days of Jewish Resistance in 2 minutes

365 Days of Jewish Resistance in 2 minutes

November 08, 2017
November 8, 2017

One year ago today Donald Trump won the election. I remember waking up last year, shaken, not knowing what would come next. But I also knew that the values that American Jews have carried for generations prepared us to act during this historic upheaval. I knew that we were made for this moment.

We just finished a brand new video that looks back at how this community has responded to the spread of hatred and bigotry over the last year to say not now, not here, not ever.

Watch now and share: 365 days of Jewish Resistance in 2 minutes.

In the days after the election last year, 45,000 of you joined together and signed our open letter to everyone threatened by the President-Elect and his administration to say: we are with you.

We had hoped that our fears wouldn’t come to pass, but no one looking at the last 365 days can say they haven’t. Not with attacks on healthcare, three Muslim Bans, protections for young immigrants rescinded, tax cuts that enrich millionaires and billionaires on the table, the President siding with white supremacists and antisemites marching in our streets.

Every day, the moral fabric of our society and the institutions of our democracy have been under slow, persistent attack.

But a movement has risen in response. Watch the video: How Jews resisted in the year after Trump’s election.

One year from the last election — and one year from the next — we at Bend the Arc are asking: What's next? How does the Jewish community stand in solidarity with everyone threatened by Trump to truly build the country we envision and take back power from the forces of hate and white supremacy?

We know we can win this if we come together and remain committed to the hard work ahead.

Our shared mission as Bend the Arc Jewish Action is bold: we’re organizing Jewish communities across the country to fight the Trump and Republican agenda alongside impacted communities, win progressive victories at the local and state level, and win power in 2018 and 2020 to deliver on our vision. And it’s only possible when people like you and me and Jews across the country demonstrate leadership, generosity, and courage.

It’s not spoiling anything in the video to say thank you, thank you for continuously showing up in the last year. And it’s our commitment to you that we’ll continue to provide ways to demonstrate your Jewish values into 2018 and beyond.

With gratitude,

Stosh Cotler
Chief Executive Officer

PS: After you watch and share the video, if you’d like to take action right now to be part of the Jewish Resistance, you can help us fight for Dreamers who are facing threat of deportation, join us to help pass a clean Dream Act.