A Congress That Believes Women

A Congress That Believes Women

September 27, 2018

September 27, 2018

To the women and survivors of assault reading this, I want to say: I know how hard the past few weeks (and our lives) have been. We believe you. You are not alone. Your resilience is a miracle.

Everything we are seeing right now in the desperate Republican attempts to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — at any cost — is a reminder of what we’re up against, and why we are mobilizing to flip Congress in November.

This weekend, in honor of Sukkot, Jews across the country canvassed and phone banked to build this House (of Representatives) with love — to elect a Congress that believes survivors, respects women, welcomes immigrants, and protects and serves the dignity and equality of all.

Tomorrow, Thursday 9/27, we invite you to join in community with women and survivors in support of Dr. Blasey Ford. There are solidarity speakouts being organized by the Women’s March across the country — find one near you.

And then, we’re asking you to volunteer a few hours of your time to build a Congress that believes women. You can join us to phone bank online from home, or anywhere. Find dates and times and sign up at www.bendthearc.us/phonebank.

To everyone who was out this weekend to build this House with love — thank you. Here are some of your incredible photos and stories:


From Modesto, CA to Fairfax, VA, you knocked on the doors of, and called, over 17,562 voters to share a message that can transform the outcome of the November 6th midterm elections: This administration and this Congress are unacceptable, and we can help elect leaders who will fight back against their agenda.

Thank you for canvassing in the rain, for supporting first time canvassers, for making calls into critical districts, for empowering voters to make a difference. Your stories are still coming in, here’s one from Virginia:

I was a buddy for a first time canvasser and I wanted to make sure he had a good experience. He said he was most surprised that people were happy to answer our questions and appreciated that we cared enough to come to their home.

He wondered if what we did would make a difference and I assured him it does. I told him we were planting seeds today — making sure the November 6th election stays on people’s minds. As we parted ways, our spirits were not the least bit dampened by our day in the rain.


— Shelley M.

I continue to sit with the question: What if we built a government like we build a sukkah? Open, transparent, welcoming. A sukkat shalom, a sukkah of wholeness and love.

This election, it’s on all of us to build the House of Representatives with love. We can and we must.

Sign up for a phone bank shift to help flip Congress.

We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We believe Deborah Ramirez. We believe Julie Swetnick. We believe Anita Hill. We #BelieveWomen. We #BelieveSurvivors.


With gratitude,

Stosh Cotler
Chief Executive Officer