Accountability (n): The fact of being responsible for your decisions or actions

Every Senator who voted yesterday to proceed with debate on health care voted to destroy lives. We will not forget their cruelty.

Jewish tradition teaches us that to save one life is to save an entire world. What, then, does it mean to strip life-saving care from tens of millions of people? And what does it mean to have no purpose for doing so, other than to score political points and enrich the wealthy?

Our message to Senators is simple: it’s not too late. You can turn back from this disastrous path and show your courage by voting for your constituents, not just your party. But if you fail to do so, the American people will hold you accountable.

That’s why at Bend the Arc we've launched Turn Congress 180: A volunteer-led campaign that gives key Representatives across the country a choice — continue enabling an immoral agenda or turn 180 degrees towards protecting our democracy and our lives.

Right now, Bend the Arc staff and a team of stellar volunteer coaches are working with leaders who are raising their hands to get involved in key Congressional districts — helping them plan successful campaigns to hold their Representatives accountable. We're only at the very start of this work, with much more planned.

But we need your help to reach our goal: To organize 18 campaigns led by groups of 10 volunteers or more, so we can Turn Congress 180. 18 x 10 = 180! Even if you don't live in or near a target district, you can still help us win.

Will you chip in $18 to help us grow this national effort even faster and train more local campaign leaders?

We’ve just hired an amazing National Organizer & Training Coordinator to train volunteer leaders in how to build powerful local teams, hold prophetic public actions, and shape the media narrative to show the gap between the actions of Congress and our Jewish and American values. With your donation, we can support more trainings, travel, and tools for local groups and leaders launching Turn Congress 180 campaigns.

Because if an elected Representative is voting to take away healthcare, we are going to hold them accountable for enabling an immoral agenda.

If an elected Representative is voting to tear apart immigrant families or deny religious minorities and people of color their civil rights, we are going to hold them accountable for enabling an immoral agenda.

If an elected Representative is voting with Trump 95, 97, and 100% of the time, we are going to hold them accountable for enabling an immoral agenda.

Accountability — that tool we have as the Jewish Resistance to make sure our Representatives take responsibility or face the consequences of their actions.

Own a part of this campaign — give $18 to help us grow Turn Congress 180

Together we will raise our voices as Jews to confront Trump and the rightwing agenda. Because when we raise our collective moral voice, we serve as a warning cry to those in power that their time on the wrong side of history is limited.

With gratitude,

Stosh Cotler Stosh Cotler Signature

Stosh Cotler
Chief Executive Officer

PS: The Turn Congress 180 webpage is live and you can view it here.