Capitol Hill Take Over — Action Needed Now for Immigrants!

Capitol Hill Take Over — Action Needed Now for Immigrants!

February 13, 2019

JUST NOW: United We Dream sharing stories of how ICE and CBP have devastated their families and communities. 
Amplify their demands ☎️ 202-224-3121 ☎


I just watched United We Dream’s livestream from Capitol Hill and wept as young immigrants described mothers screaming as they’re separated from their children, and deaths in detention due to callous mistreatment and lack of medical care.


Tomorrow most likely Congress will vote on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding deal, which determines ICE and CBP capacity for deportations and detention, along with the six other funding bills Congress needs to pass to avoid another shutdown.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on Capitol Hill right now about the way this bill allows ICE and CBP to detain even more of our immigrant loved ones. Can you call and let your member of Congress know that the Jewish community stands with immigrants and opposes expanded detention? ☎️ 202-224-3121 ☎


Make sure to ask for your Representative or Senator. If you don't know your members of Congress, share your zip code and the switchboard will transfer you.


You can say:

"Hi, I'm _____, and I'm a resident of _____, and a member of Bend the Arc. I want Rep./Sen._____ to know that I’m disappointed Congress is about to expand immigrant detention with the DHS funding bill this week. We know this bill will not decrease detention, and will therefore hurt immigrants. The Jewish community will never support more funding for ICE and CBP to harm immigrant communities, and I will have the Rep./Sen.’s back if he/she stands up for immigrants.”


More detention beds mean more immigrant pain, terror, and death, but President Trump has shown that he has no qualms about shutting down the government and holding the country hostage to get what he wants.


The Republican Party, which controls the Senate, has also shown that they will uphold Trump’s desperate and dangerous policies instead of protecting our communities.


In 2020, we will replace Trump and his enablers and pass legislation that gives immigrants — and all of us — safety and dignity.


In the meanwhile, we have to let Congress know today: the Jewish community will champion all members of Congress who fight for our values and our immigrant loved ones.


Call your Member of Congress now at 202-224-3121 to tell them the Jewish community stands with immigrants.


I need to add that I’ve never seen so much energy to defund detention.1,2,3,4 The immigrant justice community, the Defund Hate Coalition, and allies — all of us — have made incredible strides in this fight. Thank you for every action you’ve taken with us. We are honored and grateful and can’t fail if we keep fighting.


In solidarity,


Ginna Green, Chief Strategy Officer



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