Our Democracy is Rising

Every vote will be counted. Every voice will be heard.

Every vote will be counted. Every voice will be heard. Our democracy is rising up to the moment. We are Jews For Democracy.

We are winning this election. Across the country, we turned out in record numbers to choose new leaders who will move our country forward together.

Here’s what we know:

🗳️ 160 million people have voted in this election — it's the highest percentage of voters in 120 years.
🇺🇸 Joe Biden has already received more votes for President than any candidate in U.S. history.
📣 Biden is leading by over 2.6 million votes and counting, meaning the American people have already spoken.
📥 There are millions of votes that are still being counted — including in key states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada.

Now, it’s time to make sure that every vote is counted. That’s why we just launched a new Jews for Democracy hub where you can find everything you need to take action.

We’ll be updating this hub daily as results continue coming in.

On the page, you’ll find information about actions you can take right now and in the coming days:

  • Join us tonight at 7PM ET for inspiration and action at the Faith Rising for Democracy virtual rally, organized by Bend the Arc and Faith in Public Life
  • We’re hitting the streets on Saturday Nov 7 with the Protect the Results coalition. If it’s in your Shabbat practice please join us to build momentum together.
  • Download Jews for Democracy signs to bring to a march or put in your window
  • Count Every Vote trainings on messaging and nonviolent action for people of faith

Downloadable signs and more at Jews For Democracy

Last night, Trump lied that he was winning in an attempt to steal the election. But the American people know the truth: politicians can say whatever they want to, but it’s the will of the voters that decides our leaders.

We’re so grateful and proud of everyone who has risen with us to reach this moment. Our ancestors gave us the blueprint for moments like this: We are rooted in a legacy of pursuing justice and we will protect each other and our democratic institutions.

When future generations ask us what we did in 2020, we will tell them that we were the ones who rose up with our neighbors and demanded freedom, safety and belonging for all of us — no exceptions.

Together, we will rise up to deliver our democracy and make sure that every vote counts. Check out the Jews For Democracy landing page and take action now.

The Bend the Arc team