How You Can Take Action to #CloseTheCamps and Prepare for ICE Raids This Weekend

How You Can Take Action to #CloseTheCamps and Prepare for ICE Raids This Weekend

July 11, 2019

Download this sign for events on Friday and put it in your window as Trump’s raids happen this weekend.

Tomorrow — Friday morning — in San Francisco, Holocaust survivor Ben Stern will speak outside ICE headquarters alongside Chizu Omori, a survivor of the Japanese American incarceration during World War II, and Sindy Flores, an immigrant from Honduras who was separated from her child at the border.

They’re joining thousands of others across the country tomorrow to say close the camps, stop the raids, defund ICE and CBP at Lights for Liberty actions.

Bend the Arc leaders will be there. Join us at detention camps and in the streets to protest the inhumane and immoral conditions faced by people seeking safety in our country.

Find your nearest action at



"I see my dear Mother clearly today and feel myself again suddenly being ripped away to the left, without be able to say goodbye. She was shoved to the right, up into the cattle cars with my little brother. No hugs, no kisses and she was gone forever. This frightening nightmare returns again and again in my dreams. But it was real."

— Ben Stern, Holocaust survivor

Can’t join an action? We still need your help.

The Trump administration is planning mass raids of immigrant families starting this Sunday. It’s a blatant and violent assault on immigrant communities — and we need to make sure everyone is prepared and knows their rights.

Share these Know Your Power resources from United We Dream widely:



You’ll find guides for what to do when an immigration agent shows up at someone’s home, workplace, or in public — and there are tips for allies on how to record and report any run-ins with ICE.

As our friends at Mijente say, “Community defense works. Know your rights. Don’t open the door. Defend your neighbors. We are stronger together.”

We hope you can join actions on Friday or use this opportunity to learn about raid defense.

American Jews are rising up in this moment as the camps echo the worst of both Jewish history and American history. And because Jewish people will never stop fighting for human rights.

Through solidarity organizing, strategic nonviolence, and the levers of our legislative system, we will achieve our vision of an American future where immigrants are welcome, and where all seeking safety find dignity and justice.


The Bend the Arc team

PS: Want to get even more involved? We’re inviting Jews and allies to plan meetings, legislative visits, and actions in their communities to defund Trump’s immigration enforcement. Visit for more information.