Highlights from Day 1 of Pursuing Justice 2020 Online

Highlights from Day 1 of Pursuing Justice 2020 Online

May 04, 2020



Wow. Nearly 1,300 Jews and allies signed up for Pursuing Justice 2020 Online. On Day 1, we gathered virtually as Jewish movement builders, leaders, experts, and allies to be together as a community committed to political transformation in this critical moment.

“We aren’t here today because we are powerless,” said our CEO Stosh Cotler in opening the conference. “We are here to make a choice about our future.”

So we dove into the most intractable and complex problems facing our nation, bolstered by the wisdom from our ancestors and tradition, and inspired by brilliant leaders and partners who are dreaming of a better world. 

Below you’ll find quotes, images, and posts from the first day of this virtual gathering. We hope reading this email helps you feel connected to us from wherever you are, and we hope you’re safe and well.

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The Bend the Arc team



“I tuned in to the Pursuing Justice opening plenary, and wow wow wow. SO GOOD 😍😍 I am sad this isn’t taking place in person and we can’t be together, but this is really exceeding my expectations for virtual gathering. It was exactly the message and space I was needing and craving in this moment 🙏”

— Gabriella, conference participant

“Here we are in one of the richest countries in the world, with an incredible level of creativity, that somehow shrugs its shoulders as to what to do next. Who gets protected? Where are the masks coming from? We can do better than this. Do we choose to?”

— Tamara Fish, Covid As a Jewish Racial Justice Issue

“A huge part of making change in the world and running an organization and being an organizer is having the courage to have that vision, and the tools to sustain it moving forward.”

— Michelle Weiser, Cultivating Moral Imagination

“Racism is highly adaptable. It's like water pouring over a floor full of holes. It will find the cracks and it will leak through. And so if we're not constantly thinking about our strategies and adapting, constantly looking at the power centers and moving on it, we will continue to find ourselves in harm's way.”

— Rashad Robinson, Keynote



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