Watch the video: historic Jewish action for Dreamers

January 18, 2018

Yesterday was bigger than we could have imagined.

Over 100 Jews travelled from all across the country to the Capitol. We demanded a Dream Act and refused to move when Capitol police issued their first, second, and third warnings.

86 were arrested. We sang throughout. We were surrounded by Dreamers, some moved to tears on seeing this public show of support for their demands. Millions of people watched online and saw on their evening news.

Watch and share the highlight video from our action, then join our effort to pass a Dream Act.

Now we need your help to turn this momentum into political pressure to pass a Dream Act.

This is how we turn outrage and compassion into solidarity and action. Yesterday, you joined American Jews, Dreamers, and allies across the country to watch, share, retweet, like, and comment in support of our Jewish action. Now is the moment to take that energy and direct it at the decision makers who can permanently protect Dreamers.

After you watch the video, join our campaign to pass permanent protections for Dreamers.