Time-sensitive immigration update, voting starts next week

Image of the Capitol building with the words: The next week is critical. Power Jewish organizing for immigrant justice

The Senate starts voting within the next week on a massive budget deal. Donate $18 to make sure it protects immigrants.


It’s here — budget proceedings start imminently, with the final vote expected within the NEXT WEEK.

We must do everything in our power right now to keep a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the resolution, including immigrant youth, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, farm workers, essential workers and their families.

The next week is critical, and we’re making sure our Jewish voices are heard in the halls of Congress.

Rush a time-sensitive donation to demand Congress protect immigrants in this budget fight.


Just last week, President Biden came out publicly in support of our demand to include a pathway to citizenship in reconciliation — it’s exactly what we asked for in our first petition to the Biden White House!1,2

In the past few months alone, Bend the Arc members have taken thousands of actions demanding our legislators rise for immigrant justice — in-person and Zoom lobby meetings, emails and calls with our demands, petitions, plus days of action organized by our immigrant movement partners in the We are Home Coalition.

Every $18 donation gives us the resources to mobilize Bend the Arc members, move our elected officials to action, and grow our Jewish movement for justice.

The timing is urgent. Congress is just days away from passing a budget resolution, which will provide the framework for the reconciliation bill that can deliver permanent protections for millions of immigrants. And because reconciliation happens under different-than-usual rules in the Senate, it can pass with only 50 votes!

This would be the first significant legislative transformation to our immigration system in over 30 years — and is only a possibility because of our organizing alongside our coalition partners.

Building a powerful national Jewish movement that can mobilize thousands of Jews and allies requires resources. Donate $18 today to fund this week’s mobilizations for immigrant justice.

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Bend the Arc: Jewish Action

1. New York Times, Biden signals support for Democrats’ plan to advance immigration changes unilaterally, via a budget bill
2. Bend the Arc, American Jews Demand: President Biden, protect immigrants in the next recovery package