Join our rabbi to talk safety at protests and rallies (Monday)

Join our rabbi to talk safety at protests and rallies (Monday)

August 24, 2017

This weekend, white supremacists and neo-Nazis are planning to rally in California in an attempt to demonstrate their power.

Last night, a car plowed through a memorial protest for the transwoman who was killed by police in St. Louis, injuring 3 people.

In Phoenix, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters opposing Trump.

We are familiar with hatred and vitriol in the public square — we’ve seen it before — but this is also a new moment that we must understand in order to respond.

This Monday, we’re hosting a call to come together as a Jewish community from across the country, bolster our moral courage, and receive training on safety and de-escalation.

JOIN THE CALL: Safety Basics & Jewish Grounding in the era of Trump
with Bend the Arc Rabbi-in-Residence Aryeh Cohen
Monday, August 28th, 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Check your email after you RSVP for call-in details (including tabs and spam folders)
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On the call, we will cover:

  • Moral courage — how do we meet the fear and intensity of this moment with a well of courage and boldness that we have collectively as a Jewish community
  • Safety basics — how do we prepare for this moment and look out for each other; we’ll cover the tachlis (nitty gritty) of how to utilize simple tech on your phone while you’re in the streets
  • Report back from California — we’ll hear from our leaders in the Bay Area in California who will be at the rallies for justice, democracy, and inclusion this weekend
  • Singing — we’ll sing one of our community’s calls to courage, Kol Ha'Olam Kulo

After Charlottesville, as we at Bend the Arc have talked to community leaders around the country, we hear the pain and an increased determination to come together and overcome the violent racism, antisemitism, and misogyny that have fueled Trump’s rise and were fully visible, and deadly, in Charlottesville.

We’ve planned this call to come together, hold each other with love and compassion, and rise to meet this moment.

RSVP for the Safety Basics and Jewish Grounding this coming Monday.

In solidarity,

Graie Barasch Hagans
National Organizer & Training Coordinator