Keep Calm and Flip Congress

Keep Calm and Flip Congress

May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

What if I told you I knew exactly how to stay calm and grounded from now until the midterm elections?

The truth is I don’t—but if anyone does, it’s Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg.

The author of Surprisingly Happy: An Atypical Religious Memoir, Rabbi Weinberg is a nationally recognized mindfulness teacher who has worked with congregations, families, and communities across the country. On this month’s Jewish Practices for Justice call, she’ll lead us in exploring several practices for how to stay focused and powerful from now through November.

Whether you’re diving into electoral work for the first time or have been organizing for years, this is a great opportunity to learn and practice together with other leaders in the community. Can you join the call next Tuesday?

[CALL] Jewish Practices for Justice:
Staying Focused for Election Season
Tuesday, May 22
8pm ET / 5pm PT


On the call, we’ll also go a little more in depth about Bend the Arc’s new electoral campaign, Interrupt Trump 2018. This year, we’ve set an ambitious goal of connecting with 100,000 voters before election day, specifically targeting 12 Congressional districts where we can help flip the House and combat Trump’s immoral agenda.

These conversations with voters are exciting—but they also require work, discipline, and a little bit of courage. Together, we’ll go over what a day in the Interrupt Trump campaign can look like, and Rabbi Weinberg will share how to stay grounded for some of the most challenging parts of canvassing, door-knocking, and organizing for change.

Learn new tools to support your organizing: RSVP for the “Jewish Practices for Justice” call on Tuesday, May 22, at 8pm ET.

In solidarity,

Jessica Rosenberg, Rabbinic Intern