No Gelt For Trump's Wall

No Gelt For Trump's Wall

December 03, 2018


The big budget fight happening right now will determine whether President Trump gets billions of dollars for a border wall that fulfills his agenda of white nationalism, hate, and greed.1

This Hanukkah, we can help stop it.

All through this week, we’re asking Jews to answer the call to defund hate. We know walls won't keep us safe. Only directly combating hate and white nationalism here in our country will.

View Bend the Arc’s Hanukkah toolkit, which includes actions you can take at home and in the streets — from a home ritual reading with eight reasons to defund hate, to how you can call or visit your member of Congress, or even hold a public candle lighting.

Defund Hate is a coalition and campaign to stop the flow of taxpayer money to Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, including the wall, increasingly aggressive and harmful deportations, and sprawling detention camps. Bend the Arc is a member of this campaign, with leading immigration groups like Detention Watch Network and United We Dream.

On Hanukkah there is a tradition to light our menorahs outside, so that everyone can see who we are and what we are for. This year, to show up as Jews in solidarity with communities who are directly impacted by injustice, we are dedicating Hanukkah to defunding hate.

We’re rising up. Bend the Arc: Southern California is organizing a protest on Sunday at Adelanto, a private prison company detaining immigrants. Bend the Arc: Miami is doing a lobby visit with Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24), and Bend the Arc: New York is meeting with Rep. Tom Suozzi's office (NY-3).

What can you do in your community? In the toolkit you’ll find three ways you can take action to reject white nationalism, stand for justice and dignity for all, and pressure Congress to stop the wall.

View the toolkit “No Wall This Hanukkah,” which includes actions you can take at home and in the streets.

“No ban, no wall, we want justice for all.” We’ve all heard this chant at every protest since Trump’s election. Right now, we can and must stop the wall.



1. CNN, GOP leaders say Trump remains firm on $5 billion wall funding request


Bend the Arc: New York’s Hanukkah action last year against Rep. Lee Zeldin (NY-1), who invited Steve Bannon to headline his campaign fundraiser.