Republicans are doing nothing to stop family separation

June 29, 2018

This week, amidst the anguish of watching children separated from their families and placed into detention centers, Republican representatives in the House voted in favor of two anti-immigration bills that would further criminalize immigrants and do nothing to end Trump’s disastrous “zero tolerance” policy.1 On top of that, they also voted on a resolution undermining the Mueller Investigation, further entrenching the growing authoritarianism of the Trump Administration and the Republican party.2

This is bad, and it’s getting worse. Will you join Bend the Arc in holding these Representatives accountable for their actions?

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The two immigration bills Congress voted on this past week proposed slashing our family-based immigration system, gutting our asylum laws, holding children in jail for even longer periods of time, and spending $23 billion of taxpayer dollars to build a wall and further militarize border communities.

Thankfully, they didn’t pass. But if they had, these bills would have been devastating to immigrant communities in this country who are already under attack. And yet nearly 125 Republicans voted to support these heinous proposals.

We know that we need to win progressive power in the midterm elections in order to stop Trump’s agenda. When you sign the Pledge to Interrupt Trump, we’ll share opportunities to canvass and phone bank in your area, where we can make a huge impact.

With your help we will elect representatives that will stand up for ALL their constituents — including immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and more.

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