Thank you: We hit our goal + a message from Linda

Thank you: We hit our goal + a message from Linda

June 02, 2017

In less than 24 hours, our fundraiser to help Linda Sarsour stay safe from escalating threats reached its goal of $10,000! Thank you to the 307 contributors for your generosity and to everyone who spread the word to make this show of Jewish solidarity possible.

I am so proud of our community for showing up so quickly when called upon to act. I want to pass on Linda’s beautiful message of gratitude to this community:

"My family and I are grateful beyond words. You, my Jewish sisters and brothers embody the Judaism I have come to know and love, a faith of compassion, justice and a deep commitment to collective liberation. We are not always going to agree on issues but you can always count on me to be a fierce advocate against anti-semitism because harm to your faith is harm to mine. I am taking all the precautions I can to stay safe and knowing that you are a part of that warms my heart and is an indescribable and remarkable feeling.

You are truly my sisters and brothers in faith and humanity. We will not be divided no matter how hard they try. We will always be an example to the world of what true solidarity looks like."

Help share Linda’s words on Facebook and lift up this moment of solidarity.

During her speech last night at the City University of New York’s School of Public Health, which our fundraised dollars will help cover security for, Linda retold the story of the 3 brave men in Portland who stood up for 2 girls, 1 in a hijab, being harassed — Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, who lost their lives, and Micah Fletcher, who was grievously injured.

Linda encouraged us to be inspired by their decision to not be bystanders, to instead be heroes of courage and selfishness. She instructs, “We must intervene, we must protect one another, we must stay righteously outraged.”

Thank you to the donors, the Jewish leaders, and all the #JewsForLinda supporters. Thank you for intervening, thank you for protecting our sister, Linda, and thank you for staying righteously outraged at attacks against allies and the Muslim community.

This is what it looks like for our Jewish community to live its most treasured values of justice, compassion, and human dignity. With your help, we will continue to stand in solidarity with frontline communities, take action locally and on the national stage, hold our leaders accountable, and continue resisting Trump’s destructive and hateful agenda.

With gratitude, 
Stosh Cotler