“To anybody who thinks that this is not an emergency”

“To anybody who thinks that this is not an emergency”

December 14, 2017

This month, 34 Republican Congressmen came out and told Paul Ryan to address the crisis faced by young immigrants before the end of the year.

The phone calls, visits, stories, and more to pass a Dream Act are WORKING — thank you. Now we must keep up the pressure.

As Senator Kamala Harris said at the massive rally in DC last week, “To anybody who thinks that this is not an emergency or crisis ... when 700,000 Dreamers fear a midnight knock on the door that might tear them from their families, this is an emergency. When 122 Dreamers are losing DACA status every single day, 851 every week, 11,000 since September, this is an emergency.”

Today, our immigrant partners have asked us again to mobilize Jews across the country to join the national #DreamActNow call-in day.

Can you help make sure every Member of Congress — including yours — knows it’s a priority to protect young Dreamers from deportation before the holidays? Making a call today will take one minute, and it will help the 700,000 Dreamers depending on this bill.

Call 1-888-778-6856 to be connected with your Representative.

After you call, hit reply to this email and let us know which Congressperson's office you spoke with. Then, invite friends to join you by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or forward this email.

We need calls today in both red and blue states. Just this week, news broke that Democrats are moving away from insisting that deportation relief be paired with a government funding bill this year — meaning another chance to pass the Dream Act could be lost.1

Democrats and Republicans both need to hear our demand for a Dream Act before the holidays, which is the best chance we have to ensure the DACA expiration deadline doesn’t hit next year, subjecting Dreamers and their families to the terror of deportation.

Take action with fellow Jews and allies by making one call for a Dream Act TODAY: 1-888-778-6856.

In solidarity,

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block


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