Trump is a National Emergency

Trump is a National Emergency

February 15, 2019

If ever there were a moment to raise your hand and go in the streets, it’s now. Trump has declared a national emergency in order to build his monument to white nationalism on the southern border.


Here is a link to a movement-wide petition to call on Congress to immediately revoke Trump's national emergency declaration.


And here is where you can pledge to attend a rapid-response rally near you from our partners at MoveOn. (Most events are Monday at 12pm local time, and the full map of events will go live later today — everyone who takes the pledge will get the info.) 


I’m angry because Trump’s declaration is:

  • A clear abuse of presidential power
  • An erosion of our democracy
  • A dangerous attack on immigrant and border communities
  • A manufactured crisis
  • Illegal

I’m hearing from leaders like Josh from Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh that this is a “People’s National Emergency.” We are the one who must rise up to prevent Trump from harming immigrant families and our democracy.


It starts with a demand: Congress must pass a joint resolution striking down Trump’s gross abuse of power immediately. Add your name.


And then we take action. Pledge to join a President's Day protest near you to defend democracy in the streets on Monday at noon.


While this crisis will affect all of us, it will especially deepen the harm for millions of immigrants who are at risk of detention and deportation because of this cruel administration.


We watched as last night, Congress gave Trump billions more in ICE and CBP funding to detain, deport, and terrorize immigrants. Trump’s reckless declaration adds just another layer of cruelty to his racist policies.


As our CEO Stosh Cotler says: In these times we each have to decide who we will be, how we will respond. Will we stand by in silence, looking the other way? Or will we show up when called, with love and courage?


We are reminded that we don’t get to choose the historical moment we live in, but we do get to choose how we respond.


Let’s choose courage (or chutzpah), solidarity, and love.