Trump Used Jewish Pain to Prop Up His Racist Policies

Trump Used Jewish Pain to Prop Up His Racist Policies

February 07, 2019

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night — in front of Congress, the country, and the whole world — Trump invoked the Holocaust and the Tree of Life massacre, using Jewish pain and trauma to prop up his racist, authoritarian agenda. We were horrified.


We want to be loud and clear: Jews reject Trump and his hateful policies.


Today our friends at United We Dream are delivering a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures from those of us who oppose Trump's wall and his mass deportation agenda — including thousands of Bend the Arc members.

Right now, can you call your member of Congress and identify yourself as a member of the Jewish community to make sure they know where we stand? ☎ 210-702-3059 ☎

You can say: Hi, my name is ________. I live in ________ and I’m a member of the Jewish community. I stand with the immigrant community and United We Dream, who are delivering petitions on Capitol Hill today, and I ask you to defund Trump's hateful, anti-immigrant agenda. Please tell my member of Congress to oppose additional funding for Trump’s border wall and deportation and detention force in any continuing negotiations.

For anyone who thinks Trump’s speech was helpful for Jews, or a sufficient denunciation of antisemitism, we can remind them that: Trump has consistently used antisemitic tropes throughout his presidency from campaign ads denouncing “globalists” and espousing conspiracy theories about George Soros. He enables and embraces the white nationalism that fueled the attacks on our loved ones in Pittsburgh. And his attacks on immigrants and refugees make it clear that he is willfully ignoring the legacy of the Holocaust.


Our Jewish community is having none of it.


We fight for a world where all of us are safe from hateful scapegoating. That means no more money for deportation, detention, and family separation. We know our vision runs directly counter to the one Trump is laying out. We need Congress to know which side our Jewish community is on, and to feel the pressure to hold Trump accountable.


Today, call and identify yourself as a member of the Jewish community who stands with immigrants to let Congress know we reject Trump's racist policies — and Congress must too. Here’s the number: 210-702-3059.


Trump's agenda will not keep us safe — our safety will only come from being in solidarity with impacted communities.

We will never stop fighting for a world where all of us are safe, and we are so grateful to have you in this fight with us.