Turn Congress 180 - a new campaign from Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Turn Congress 180 - a new campaign from Bend the Arc Jewish Action

July 06, 2017

President Trump needs Congress. Without them following his lead, many of his plans come to a crashing halt. And members of Congress know (even if Trump doesn’t) that they need us, the people, the voters, as soon as next year if they want to keep their jobs.

Which means that despite the 2016 election we still have the power to stop so many terrible things from happening, by holding Congress accountable for the immorality of the Trump agenda. American Jews in particular have a unique strategic role in standing against efforts to target immigrants, Muslims, women, people of color, the poor, and democracy itself.

But we need to start now — and we need to do it together.

Next week, we’re launching Turn Congress 180: A national effort built of local volunteer-led campaigns across the country that give key Representatives a choice — continue enabling an immoral agenda or turn 180 degrees towards protecting our democracy and our lives.

We’re starting off by hosting a national call and releasing a brand new toolkit to give leaders like you a roadmap on how to run a campaign that uses your moral voice to hold these key Representatives accountable — for our healthcare and government programs that serve millions, for civil rights regardless of faith or color, and for the lives of immigrant families being torn apart.

On the call will be other leaders like you from around the country, as well as Stosh Cotler, our CEO, and Leah Greenberg, one of the co-founders, and now Co-Executive Director, of Indivisible.

On the call, you’ll

  • Get a picture of what a campaign to hold Congress accountable can look like and why we need you to run one
  • Understand the crucial role you can play and why your time and energy are so needed
  • Ask questions and get expert answers
  • Interact with people all over the country who are part of the Jewish resistance

I’m particularly excited about Leah from Indivisible joining our call. Not only has Indivisible been wildly successful — the Indivisible Guide has been downloaded/viewed over 2.2 million times and inspired more than 6,000 local groups (with at least 2 in every Congressional district!) — but Leah, who is Jewish, sees her work as being part of a tradition of Jews organizing for social justice.

In every generation, Jews have fought for freedom, dignity, and justice. And right now, we must raise our voices as Jews to confront the immorality of the Trump and rightwing agenda. When we raise our collective moral voice, we serve as a warning cry to those in power that their time on the wrong side of history is limited. And when we show up in solidarity with all who are threatened, we remind the world what never again truly means.

Standing on the shoulders of the teachers, prophets, activists, radicals and revolutionaries before us, it’s our mission at Bend the Arc to make change happen. Right now, that means making sure you have the resources, support, and skills you need to launch and run powerful and effective local action campaigns that turn Congress 180° away from Trump’s immoral agenda.

Learn more: Join our Turn Congress 180 national call next Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific/8pm Eastern Time.

If you can’t make it, you’ll still receive the new toolkit, so do sign up!


Jonathan Lipman
Chief Strategy Officer