What We Do Now Will Determine The Future

What We Do Now Will Determine The Future

January 24, 2019

I started writing this email today to remind you that the Jan 30 deadline to apply to join the Jeremiah Fellowship is fast approaching, but it doesn’t feel right to do that without naming the moral crisis our country is facing in this moment.



We’ve all seen the news. The government has been shut down for weeks, with no resolution in sight. Migrants and asylum-seekers, children and families, are facing devastating conditions at our borders and throughout our country. There are unabashed white nationalists in our highest levels of government, responsible for making policy decisions that make our communities unsafe.


It’s a lot to hold.


And honestly? It’s why I feel so deeply — down to my bones — the importance of training the next generation of young Jewish leaders who are going to work to build the world that I want to live in. That’s why I want to make sure you don’t miss the chance to apply or to nominate a young person you know.


Because we need them. It’s urgent. What we do now will determine the future.


This year, to meet the urgency of this time, we are expanding the Jeremiah Fellowship to five new cities. We are investing in our capacity as a movement. We are growing, together, because we must.


The deadline to apply is coming up next week, on January 30. We are still accepting applications for fellows in Miami, St. Louis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Denver, Long Island, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. If you or a young person you know want to level up your organizing skills to make change in your community and in our country, we want to meet you.


In love and service,


Carrie Sterns,
Jeremiah Fellowship Director