You are our mission in this moment

July 18, 2018

"I just finished my PhD, and I'd made a commitment to myself when Trump was elected to do more work for the resistance once my degree was done, but I couldn't find anyone to 'use' me. My Judaism is a really important piece to channel into this work, and Bend the Arc felt like the right place to start. I'm really excited about the resources I've gained here to help structure conversations with my co-conspirators around resisting."
—Molly Kleinman, Ann Arbor, MI

This week, Trump confirmed — in broad daylight — that he is a dangerous threat to our democracy.

At Bend the Arc, our mission in this moment is to help American Jews and allies like you rise to the moment — so we’ve organized three leadership gatherings to connect and train a Jewish resistance movement.

Our final training is coming up in Saint Louis, July 27-29. This is the last time I’ll email you about it. Can you join us?

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This past weekend in Philadelphia, more than 60 Jewish leaders and organizers — including a minyan's worth of Jews of Color — convened for our second training.


From Austin, TX to Elkridge, MD, people came from across the country to be part of something bigger than all of us, and we’re doing it again in two weeks near you!

"Being with your people who care — even knowing that there's a larger movement — that's strengthening as you do your own individual work. I've learned many of these strategies before, but never with this level of diversity of age, class, race, first-timers and old hands in a way that's not alienating. It's definitely something I'll be bringing back to my congregation."
—Rabbi Marisa James, New York, NY

Together, we will struggle with the gravity of the moment. Together, we will learn strategies and gain resources in organizing our communities and planning nonviolent direct actions. Together, we will work through the challenges of building a community centered around diversity and inclusion. Together, we will engage in Jewish ritual, text study, and song, to fortify us for writing the next chapters of the Jewish resistance.

"I showed up here to put my money where my mouth is to figure out more ways I can get involved and to connect my Jewish values with action and activism. I really appreciate that there was space for Jews of Color at the beginning of the gathering, and I was able to connect with people with similar ideas to create a more inviting and inclusive Jewish community in this work." 
—Lazora Jordan, Alexandria, VA

We were made for this moment, and we can win. Join us in St. Louis, July 27-29. 

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